"A Movie For The Ages

"As parents of two collegiate rowers - a daughter at Cal and her younger sister at USC - we have passed on at least 10 copies of your film to friends and family. We have recently put in another order to re-stock for this upcoming season.

"The beauty of this film is how it conveys the true spirit of giving oneself over to an endeavor during those peak years of youth and athletic ability, allowing those who take up the call to touch the sun - if only for a moment.

"ALL FOR ONE will go down in the annals of sports films as one of the all time great masterpieces - completely eclipsing Chariots of Fire for its inspiration to us all."

- C. & S.H. Stinson Beach, CA


"I've viewed it five times now and each successive time has been as enjoyable as the first. It fills me with pride, sorrow, mirth, memories, the entire gamut of emotions. A friend has seen it twice, and requested to see it a third time. It truly is an excellent film."

- T.S. Sacramento, CA


"I received your video this past weekend and was immediately drawn into Cal's crew team with a sense of intimacy that I have only previously experienced while being on the water. Your documentary was a masterpiece. Rowing has taught so much in the way of personal discipline, team bonding and individual intensity that no other pursuit could possibly match. ALL FOR ONE has re-vitalized all the emotions that make rowing so very special to me and has taught me even more about myself and my feelings towards the sport. Not since Brad Alan Lewis' "Assault on lake Casitas" has the sport of rowing been expressed so effectively. Thank you for all your hard work."

- C.P. Boston, MA


"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your documentary. As a big rowing enthusiast, I knew that I would like the subject matter, but honestly I think that most anybody would think your film is great watching. I particularly liked your use of historical archives to compare and contrast with the modern athletes."

- T.L. Chicago, IL

"The video was absolutely amazing! When you watch a film and you get chills from it you know it was effective in touching something within you, both of my parents were tearing at the end of it. More videos should be made of this nature. It really humbled me as well since I never really think that I am continuing something that hundred and hundreds of men and women have done before me for my school and in the sport in general. I am carrying on a tradition, and from now on I will walk my boat out with purpose."

- A.T. Staten Island, NY


"I wanted to thank you for reminding me of my days at Cal Crew. My wife, who rowed at Colgate and on the National Team, finally understood why I'm still so geeked on my time in the Cal boathouse and rowing with the best in the world. Her comment, "God, I wish I rowed for a school that cared about rowing" said it all to me. Magically, she wants all our kids to row at Cal now."

- G.D. Santa Fe, NM


"Thank you for the fast turn around on my order of your video ALL FOR ONE. I watched it last night and it surpassed by greatest expectations! You have made a wonderful contribution to the rowing community."

- G.K. Washington, DC


"It was fantastic!!! It was everything that I hoped it would be and more!! Thank you for making an excellent film about the best sport. I am very glad that I won the auction and got the film."

- P.C. Rhinebeck, NY


"I just received and viewed your film on the '98/'99 Cal crews. It was very good, and very well edited. I rowed for the University of Delaware in '98 / '99 myself, and the film reminded me of the rush I felt when the boat moved well and just how detail-oriented the coaches would always be. I enjoyed watching your film and hope it does well. Hopefully it can bring a little more attention to our great, but often ignored sport."

- N.C. Galveston, TX

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the copy of ALL FOR ONE. My time rowing was an amazing experience: it has shaped who I am today, and it will provide me with lasting memories in the future. Your film provides me with a chance to relive my memories any time I fell the need to do so. It also provides me with the means to take outsiders into the world in which I had immersed myself for over five years (much to their puzzlement). Your movie relays both the complex nature of rowing, as well as the team atmosphere inherent in the sport that make crew so special. My friends and family are now able to understand what makes rowing such a fulfilling experience. Thank you!"

- E.T. San Francisco, CA


"I really liked the movement of the film through the boathouse with Steve's commentary - and then when you had the Olympic oarsman, the old-timer, that blew me away completely. From then on I was totally hooked. I also took great interest in the interviews with the current oarsmen and was encouraged by their appreciation of their place in the tradition of their school and their assessment of their coach. I thought you did a great job of following the practice and the season and the follow up with the subsequent season. I didn't know about the Cal - Washington rivalry, but it was very well presented. I'm certainly glad I have this video in my collection now."

- M.M. New Milford, CT


"I received the tape yesterday and watched it last night - it was great!! I got chills watching Cal struggle to win early on - it reminded me of my crew's own losses and our burning desire to overcome those losses. Beautiful footage of rowing too. I thought it did a great job of introducing the sport and capturing its many nuances."

- M.C. Spartanburg, SC


"The beauty that you captured in the climax of the film was an example of truly brilliant craftsmanship, artistry and filmmaking on your part, and it reduced many in the audience to tears."

- J.A. Berkeley, CA



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