Rowing is a sport unlike any other, an experience wholly unto itself. It has persevered through the best and worst of times for a very simple reason…its roots run deep and strong. In fact, some people might even go so far as to say that rowing is religion masquerading as a sport, and one where ageless concepts like dedication, teamwork and honor are worshiped and celebrated on a daily basis.

When we set out to make a film about rowing, our intent was to pay our respects to the sport's precious past. When we realized that many of these timeless virtues were still alive and well today, we knew we had found a timeless story that most every rower could appreciate. When you watch ALL FOR ONE: In The Spirit Of The Race
we hope that you will experience all of the emotion and elation for yourself, and grow to understand why their story is your story, and why the future of the sport looks so very bright indeed.